If fictional characters dressed up for Halloween . . .

The below list is from Shmoop.com

1. Jay Gatsby as Leonardo DiCaprio           Too easy.

2. Scout Finch as Arya StarkToo perfect.

3. Beowulf as Vin Diesel             All he needs is a shave.

4. Squealer as Miss Piggy      Hey, same species and they both have the gift of gab.

5. Dracula as Edward Cullen      We’ve always wondered how Dracula would look in a pea coat.

6. Frankenstein’s Monster as Frankenstein’s Monster   Because that never gets old.

7. Anyone from the The Jungle as Lady Gaga   Something about a meat dress.

8. The Raven as Hedwig  Not that we mean to pigeonhole him.

Seniors: Narrative Writing Contest

Seniors, if you’re over 18, here is a great opportunity to enter your narratives from First Quarter.

30 Below Contest—2015

NARRATIVE INVITES all writers, poets, visual artists, photographers, performers, and filmmakers between eighteen and thirty years old to send us their best work. We’re looking for the traditional and the innovative, the true and the imaginary. We’re looking to encourage and promote the best young authors and artists working today.

Awards: First Prize is $1,500, Second Prize is $750, Third Prize is $300, and ten finalists will receive $100 each. The prizewinners and finalists will be announced in Narrative.