Monday – No School

During the entire school year, there is only one Monday off (aside from Winter and Spring Breaks). It’s this Monday (January 19) and honors slain Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

We just started Reading Logs but they are a Monday thing.  Consequently, no Reading Log due.  However, reading homework continues.  Read a half hour every night or sit down for a couple hours one night or afternoon, either way read for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours per work.  if-you-cant-fly-martin-luther-king-jr

Poetry Out Loud

9th Grade:  Falcolm, Kirk, Kaitlyn with an honorable mention to Justin

10th Grade:  Diana, Aaron, Eric with an honorable mention to Elsie

12th First Period:  Sunny, Jane, Abby, with an honorable mention to Chelsea

12th Second Period:  Patrick, Crystal, Connor, with an honorable mention to Melanie

12th Fifth Period:  Marissa, Rachel with an honorable mention to Jeremy and Owen

New Year’s Resolutions – from Shmoop

8 New Year’s Resolutions that
Would Have Changed Everything

1. J. Alfred Prufrock
“This year, I resolve to suck it up and just eat the peach.”

2. Winston Smith
“This is the year I conquer my fear of rats.”

3. Captain Ahab
“I vow to get past that whole white whale hang-up I have.”

4. Ethan Frome
“This is the year I move to California.”

5. Meursault 
Cette année: no shooting people on the beach.”

6. Jay Gatsby
“I’ve spent way too many years hung up on Daisy. It’s time to move on.”

7. Winnie-the-Pooh
“Oh bother. I guess this year I’ll try not to stick my head in so many small spaces.”

8. Victor Frankenstein
“This is the year I put aside my passion for science and read a few books instead.”

Reading Logs – due every Monday!

Below is some information and click her for the Word document: 2015 Reading Log

You are required to do a minimum of 2 ½ hours of reading outside of class each week.  On Mondays, you will have 10 minutes to complete a weekly reading log.  For each entry, you need to write a full paragraph (4-8 sentences); at the top of each reading include book title, author, year published and number of pages.  This log with dates must be turned in each week.

Reading Logs are due every Monday, even if you’re absent.

Rationale:  One of the most important indicators of success in our society today is the ability to read and interpret what one reads, whether it is a ballot, a news article, a web page, or memos at work.  The State of Alaska’s Department of Education has adopted standards which require high school students to not only understand what they read, but to also make connections to other works of literature, self, and world; extending the ideas that are presented in the story, and evaluating the author.  Reading logs are designed to help you master these standards.