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Writing Tools – the Bishop Way

Guided Argument – click on your topic below for a Google Document with links to sources:




  • Remember:  narratives are all about a character; what that character wants; whether the character gets or does not get what he/she wanted; how the character changes by the end of the story
  • Four rules to writing dialogue.  Note the punctuation and capitalization.
  • Here’s some ideas for hooking the reader from the first sentence.  You might also want to look on the wall.  Use a famous first line as a model for your story.
  • Eight Ways to Reveal Character.  This is a great list of eight things you can add to help your reader know, understand and visualize your characters. I would ignore the second page of this pdf, it’s an assignment we’re not completing.
  • Adding suspense.  This is a lesson plan for middle school, but has a couple of worthwhile lists:  elements of a scary story, setting,
  • Use the tools available to make your writing the best it can be.  Check your grammar on these web sites:

Grammar Check Directions and Document

  • Make a copy of this document on your drive (use the drop-down menu under file).  Title it with your name and then Grammar Check; for example, “Suzanne Grammar Check”.
  • Next, share the document with me.
  • Upload your narrative to three of the sites listed.  Each one will check grammar, spelling, and provide a missed rule.
  • Record the rule on this form.
  • Finally, log on to your No Red Ink account and find a practice that will help you learn one of the missed rules.  If you can’t find any rules from the grammar check software, complete the Practice – Active Verbs.


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