Poetry ELA10

Poetry Cafe

  • Print a poem (found in a book or online OR originally written by you) due by the end of the school day – Monday, January 29
  • Poetry Cafe – Wednesday 
    • perform selected poems
    • bring a treat to share (optional)

Writing Workshop – Poetry

  • 10 Haiku with one highlighted – due Friday, February 2
    • Let’s be green with this –
    • Write your haiku on google,
    • and then share with me!
  • One Acrostic or Sonnet – your choicedue Friday, February 2
    • Mrs. Felice asked me to move the due date to Monday, February 5
    • Typed the Bishop Way
  • In class writing time on Monday, January 29 and Tuesday, January 30

Poetry Unit Final – things to study

  • Know the Lingo handout of poetry terms, plus slant rhyme, and internal rhyme
  • Practice figuring out the rhyme scheme – some commons ones are AABB CCDD or the alternating ABAB CDCD
  • How do you know the tone/mood of a poem?  What are some key words that let you know?
  • Review the popular songs paired with poems – how do different writers convey the same theme?  found love and lost love

Poetry Out Loud 2018