Technical Writing

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” – William Shakespeare

Daily Agenda

Week #7 Google Slides to view: Beginnings / Pacing and Ending


  • AoW#3 due Friday, October 5
    • Staple: Rubric, Annotated Article, One-page Response
  • AoW#2 due Friday, September 28
    • Staple: Rubric, Annotated Article, One-page Response
  • Typed Brag Sheet due Friday, September 28
    • Print and turn in to basket
  • Draft Personal Statement Essay – Ms. Bishop’s PowerPoint
  • Three Letters of Reference due Tuesday, November 27
    • Ask NOW.  Don’t delay.  Give the letter writer plenty of time to meet your deadline.  Most writers will write and give to you within a week or two.
    • MS Word: SENIOR BRAG SHEET revised
  • Grammar
    • Quiz #3 – Tuesday, September 25
    • Quiz #2 – Tuesday, September 18
    • Quiz #1 – Tuesday, September 11

Documents – samples, checklists, etc

Past due dates:

  • AoW #1 “Having Your Smartphone Nearby . . . “ due Tuesday, Sept 18
  • WORD CRIME Presentations start Friday, Sept 7!
  • Narrative Revisions due Tuesday, Sept 11
    • turn in via Google Docs with comments on what you changed – exposition, rising action, resolution with a lesson learned, figurative language, dialogue, changed words and sentences to make more sense, etc.
  • Formatting Absolutes Assignment due Friday, Sept 7 – PRINT

Why should you read?

  1. Reading is rewarding.
  2. Reading builds a mature vocabulary (fights word poverty).
  3. Reading makes you a better writer.
  4. Reading is hard and “hard” is necessary.
  5. Reading makes you smarter.
  6. Reading prepares you for the world of work.
  7. Reading is financially rewarding.
  8. Reading opens the door to college and beyond.
  9. Reading arms you against oppression.

Ghallager, Kelly. “Instructional Materials.”

Netiquette in Online Discussion Boards infographic

Sample headlines from the first day of school station activity.

  • Build a Path to Success By Asking Questions
  • Time to Produce Best Work Key to Student Success
  • Strong Students Stay Organized