Do you want to listen to some great audiobooks?  Three summer options are available.  If you forget where to find this information, check out the Library page linked to Homer High School.  All of this will be posted by Monday.

Audiofile® is once again offering 16 weeks of free downloads, two titles per week.  (Miss the week, miss the titles!)  Week One is underway!

  • Go to the SYNC website here to get started.

Overdrive is providing an expanded collection for listening.  All of their titles will be available for two months beginning June 7th—for listening but not downloading.

  • Go to our Overdrive collection here.  Log-in is the same as a school computer.  (Staff, change your “e” to a 9 when logging-in.)

Lit2Go keeps expanding their collection.  There’s nothing special for the summer, per se, but you will find wonder titles—all in both print and audio.

  • Go to Lit2Go here.   No log-in or accounts needed.  (iTunes University also links to Lit2Go for downloads to smart phones and iPods.)

Happy summer listening and reading.    Sincerely, Mrs. Akers, Librarian

African Proverbs

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African Proverbs

  • From the Zulu of South Africa:
    • The one offended never forgets; it is the offender who forgets.
    • Eyes do not see all.
  • from the Jabo of Liberia:
    • Daring talk is not strength.
    • Children are the wisdom of the nation.
  • from the Ashanti of Ghana
    • One falsehood spoils a thousand truths.

from Ms. Bishop:  “Be nice to people.”