Senior Research Project

Presentations – Rubric for Notes, Outline, Number of Pages, Citations and Works Cited Page:  Senior Research Rubrics

Dates – *Dates may change, check this page frequently for updates.

  • 60 Second Pitch:  5th Tuesday, March 28 / 3rd Weds, March 29
  • 25 Notecards:  Friday, April 7
  • Working Thesis: Tuesday, April 11
  • 50 Notecards:  Friday, April 21
  • Draft Outline:  Tuesday, April 25 *no late Draft Outline – the point of this assignment is to create a plan that will help inform the rest of your research.  It’s okay if your outline changes.  The best writing comes from revision, including revising the outline.
  • 75 Notecards:  Friday, April 28
  • Draft Works Cited:  Monday, May 1 Scratch.  Keep working on Works Cited as you finish your notecards.  The final version is due Friday, May 5
  • 100 Notecards: Friday, May 5
  • Works Cited due Friday, May 5
  • Final Outline due Tuesday, May 9 with final draft
  • Draft:  Revise, Edit, Peer ReviewWednesday – Friday, May 10 – 12
  • Final Paper due 
    • Friday, May 12 earns 10 bonus points
    • final due date:  Tuesday, May 16, 2017 by 4PM – No late papers.  Grades are due for seniors on Friday, May 19.
    • Final Papers will include:
      • Title Page – MS Word link:  title page sample
      • Outline (pages not counted in final count)
      • Introduction, Body Paragraphs, the Paper (page 2)
      • Works cited (page 10)
  • 60 Second Recaps Wednesday and Thursday, May 17 and 18
  • GRADUATION:  Monday, May 22

Research Links:

Citing Sources

  • first word on the Works Cited

60-Second Pitch:Image result for 60 seconds

Topic Ideas:

  • List with inquiry questions from Franklyn Schools in Kentucky
  • Arguable topic list (some of this information is on the back of the letter)
  • the best topics come from you – your interests, your passions, things you’re curious about, things you would like to learn more

Four Topic Requirements:

  1. researchable with both primary and secondary sources
  2. arguable (something two reasonable people may disagree)
  3. your research paper will be thesis (claim) driven and not a collection of facts
  4. be approved by the class