Argumentative Essay Revised

Revising the Argumentative Essay:

  1. Highlight all of Ms. Bishop’s marks
  2. Review
    1. Capital Letters
    2. Comma Rules
    3. Commas in compound and complex sentences
    4. Style – using formal versus informal language; jargon, euphemisms, biased language; I wrote on most papers with the indefinite you and I’m happy to talk with you more about it.
    5. Paragraphing with a topic sentence and support (Reason with Evidence)
  3. Choose an area needing revision and write a detailed paragraph about the mistake and the rule. Due on Friday, March 24

Works Cited:

  • Purdue OWL information
  • Citation Machine *remember to make sure it gives you all the information you need; it’s always a good idea to check in with Purdue OWL, too.

Argument Essay Assignment:   Argument Essay Rubric

Third Quarter’s Assignment:

  • Write a 450 -600 word argumentative essay
  • Use a minimum of 3 sources
    • One source must be a magazine or newspaper other than the New York Times (Atlantic, Harper’s, . . . .)
    • One source can be from the New York Times
    • One source can be a web site or an online magazine (does not count as a source found through the Homer High Library source)
  • Create a separate Works Cited Page of at least 3 sources
  • Persuasive Techniques in Advertising YouTube Video


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