British Lit and Composition

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” – William Shakespeare

Lord of the Flies – FINAL Project – Symbol Analysis One-Pager due on Wednesday, April 26, 2017

  • Read chapters 1 and 2 – Monday, March 27 short quiz
  • Read chapters 3 – 5 – Monday, April 3 short quiz
  • Read chapters 6 – 8 – Tuesday, April 11 – short quiz
    • While reading this section of chapters, look for answers to the following questions:
      • What is the Lord of the Flies?  Why does it appear in this form to Simon?  What are some hints that Simon is quite different from the other boys?
      • Why does Jack’s fury come to a head at this meeting (chap 8)?  What events lead to this bold move?
      • How is Piggy’s character continually evolving?
  • Kohlberg’s Theory of Morality Video Link
    • Step One:  What stage of moral development do you assign this character?  Support your placement with evidence from the novel.  Be prepared to defend your answer.
    • Step Two: Respond to a different characters placement.  Choose one you disagree and write a response explaining your thinking.  Make sure to use the text as evidence for your thinking.
  • Read chapters 9 and 10 – Friday, April 14 short quiz
  • Read Chapters 11 and 12 by Wednesday, April 19

LotF themes

Weekly Happenings:

  • Monday – Write in Writing Journal
  • Tuesday – Read and Vocabulary Quiz
  • Wednesday (5th) – Write in Writing Journal
  • Thursday (3rd) – Write in Writing Journal
  • Friday – Read

Classroom Rules

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