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Growth Mindset

  • Famous Failures Video
    • Learning from Failure – due: Monday, Nov 6
  • Portfolio grade checkFriday, September 29
  • Introduction to Growth Mindset and link to Writing Journal Prompt.
  • Your Brain is Plastic from SciShow
  • Growth Mindset “Flight” from CGI Animated Short Film
  • Diagram of the human brain Image result for simple diagram human brain
  • Growth Mindset short films –

Brain Rules:  Brain Rules Slide Show

  1. Exercise:  Brain Tricks:  This Is How Your Brain Works
  2. Survival:  What if we could see inside the human brain?  TedEd Video
  3.  Wiring – what happens to your brain with a concussion?  TedEd Video
  4. Attention
  5. Short-term Memory
  6. Long-term Memory
  7. Sleep – TedEd video “The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

What determines intelligence?  Is it from birth? or a smart environment?  How much control does an individual have over their intelligence?  Watch this video from Khan Academy to find some answers to these questions.  Growing Your Mind