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  • Book Talk Presentation:  Book Talk World Lit 2018
    • Fourth Quarter Book Talks
      • Choose a book that has been made into a movie and compare/contrast in the Book Talk
      • No Slideshows / present with notes to class
        • May have a visual aide
      • Book Talks
        • Wednesday, May 9
        • Friday, May 11
        • Tuesday, May 15
        • Wednesday, May 16

Reading comes alive and makes more sense when readers connect the text to some prior knowledge.  One part of your Book Talk asks that you describe a connection you made while reading, this information is to help orient your thinking and explain those connections.

  • Text to Text:
    • Compare this book to another book written by the same author
    • Does the book remind you of another book by a different author? 
    • Does this story relate to what you’re currently studying in history? Science? Math?  Or something previously studied?
    • Did something in the book spark your curiosity?  Did you google anything and do research?
    • Was the content similar or different to other things of the same topic?
  • Text to Self:
    • What held your interest so you continued reading to the end of the book?
    • What feelings or emotions did the story elicit from you?
    • How does the story remind you of events or people in your life?
    • How is the plot, character, setting vastly different from your reality, yet you could relate and enjoy the book?
    • Which one of the characters can you relate to and why?  How are you alike in personality, actions, feelings, or life?
    • What did the book make you think about?
    • What things lingered in your mind after you read the last line?
  • Text to World:
    • Does this book remind you of historical events?  If its historical fiction, how accurate are real events portrayed?
    • While reading, did someone say something or did you hear, read, see something on the news or elsewhere that reminded you of your book?
    • How did a part of the book remind you of the real world?
    • Could the plot events happen in the real world?
    • Compare the book to a movie not based on the book.
    • If you saw the movie based on the book, how are the two different? Similar? Which did you prefer?


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