January Haiku

January day. . . 

Clear, stars, slow wake to sunlight –

Half the house still sleeps.

Saturdays are best-

Pleasant ski with a friend, then

Warm home, book, and tea.

Poetry Out Loud 2018

Hello Students,

When we return to school in January, we will have two weeks to memorize a poem from the Poetry Out Loud website.  I know you all have worked on this activity at least once and some of you, three times.  Choose a poem of at least 14 lines (the length of a sonnet) and memorize it.

Starting January 8, we’ll explore poetry:  reading poems, annotating, and analyzing poems.

Have a great break and here’s to a great 2018!

First Quarter ends Thursday, October 19

Are you missing an assignment?  Have questions?  Need to make up a quiz or re-do a vocabulary quiz?

Ms. Bishop is available:

  • FOL on Tuesday, Oct 10
  • FOL on Thursday, Oct 12
  • FOL on Tuesday, Oct 17 – this is a special Career Day FOL event, but I will be available after school
  • My last FOL for the quarter is Wednesday, Oct 18.  This is also the last day any late work for First Quarter will be accepted for partial credit.
  • Oct 17 – 19 after school from 3:45 – 4:30.